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What is PLANT B?

PLANT B is a plant-based organic drink snack in three delicious flavours: Oat Mango Passion Fruit, Coconut Pineapple, and Almond Berries.
Plant-based, no added sugar and fully organic -plus high fruit content, plus valuable almond protein and with no milk at all.
An ideal uncomplicated snack for a balanced nutrition.

Who is the product aimed at?

All those who don’t have the time they’d like to dedicate to their nutrition, but who are really keen on food that is healthy AND tasty and that is easy for them to enjoy. PLANT B supports you in a balanced nutrition and offers a source of protein good for muscle and bones strength.

As well as all those who want to do something positive for the climate. Because plant-based nutrition – and that includes PLANT B – makes a significant contribution to climate protection.

Why is PLANT B made of non-dairy plant-based milk?

There are more and more people who, for health reasons, have to give up lactose and cholesterol. Or people who want to reduce their intake of animal products. Plant-based foods – such as PLANT B – offer an ideal alternative. And plant-based nutrition also does a particularly great deal in terms of climate protection. So, you too can play your part.

Why does PLANT B have added almond protein?

Our PLANT B products are a fantastic source of protein that is good for your bone and muscle growth. On account of our high standards as regards enjoyment, flavour and organic value, we only use valuable almond protein in organic quality.

How many calories do the PLANT B products have?

Per 100 ml:

PLANT B Almond Berries                               46 kcal
PLANT B Coconut Pineapple                         62 kcal
PLANT B Oat Mango Passion Fruit               70 kcal

What ingredients and nutrients does PLANT B contain?

All our products are …

• plant-based
• no added sugar
• high fruit content
• valuable almond protein
• all organic
• milk-free
• cholesterol-free
• a source of protein for bone and muscle growth

You’ll find detailed information on the ingredients and nutritious value of PLANT B drink snacks here:

Ingredients (PDF)

Does PLANT B need to be refrigerated?

Our highly professional, organically certified manufacturing process means that, even without preservatives, it’s possible to store and transport our products entirely without the need for refrigeration. Of course, for consumption and for your own enjoyment we recommend: chill well and shake before opening.

Are PLANT B bottles recyclable?

All our 250 ml one-way deposit bottles already consist of 50% recycled PET and are 100% recyclable. This allows all our packaging to be completely fed back into the recycling cycle. The use of 50% recycled PET for our PLANT B bottles is already a high standard within the beverages industry. But we at PLANT B don’t intend to content ourselves with just this, and we are already working on the use of bottles that are more than 50% recycled. In fact, right now we’re testing bottles made 100% of recycled PET.

How can I ensure eco-friendly disposal of my PLANT B bottle?

After you’ve enjoyed your PLANT B, simply return the emptied bottle, reclaim the deposit, and the bottle will be perfectly fed back into the recycling loop.

Why is there a single-use deposit on PLANT B bottles?

The legislature stipulates on which products a deposit has to be paid, and for which none is due. The legislation is such that no deposit is payable on milk products, but that there is one on milk alternatives.

Where is PLANT B produced?

Our drink snacks were developed in Germany and are also bottled in an organic-certified process in Germany.

Where can I buy PLANT B?

PLANT B is available via Amazon and, step-by-step, from stationary retailers as well. You’ll find a constantly updated list of all stores that stock our PLANT B products in the Store Finder section of our website:

Are there other varieties of PLANT B?

At the moment, there are just our three delicious varieties Oat Mango Passion Fruit, Coconut Pineapple, and Almond Berries. But we’re already working on further flavours that will bring even greater variety to your balanced daily nutrition.

How did PLANT B come about?

Our founder Thomas Starz was on the lookout for something new and sustainable that would make it easy to maintain a conscious nutrition, even in the hectic of day-to-day life. The product had to be healthy, plant-based, free of milk and, above all, tasty – and combining this to an uncomplicated, enjoyful in-between snack. And all of that without any compromises on flavour or the quality of the ingredients – adding almond protein supporting muscle strength and a balanced nutrition.

Who is behind PLANT B?

Two brains behind PLANT B: Thomas Starz, the founder and the man with the idea, and Claudia Troullier.

After many years’ experience working in the consumer goods industry, we both were keen on setting up a business of our own. And so, we are now out and about in our start-up at the service of “plant-based pleasure” for all PLANT B fans.

I have more questions about the product. Who can I turn to with these?

Feel free to get in touch with us. No matter whether you have a request, suggestions, questions or criticism. Simply send us an e-mail to: We look forward to exchanging ideas.

I’m already a PLANT B fan and have an idea for a recipe. Where can I send it to?

We are really keen to have new pleasure ideas for our yummy PLANT B products. You’re welcome to send them to:

I would like to apply for a job with you. What’s my best way of going about it?

We are so happy that you’re interested! Please get in touch with us by e-mail: