Hungry, or only got time for thirsty?

Your diary is so tightly planned, there’s no space to squeeze in even a crumb? You’re either out and about, rushing to your next meeting or on the train. From now on, pleasure can intervene! PLANT B is your buddy for the day: the ideal drink snack for your enjoyment in-between.

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Where’s your place to PLANT B?

There’s always a place in your day for PLANT B. But where and when exactly do you unscrew that top and treat yourself to some tasty in-between pleasure – for your conscious consumption? In the office, on the go or at home? We’re curious to find out!

PLANT B is your constant companion
A holiday for your hunger!
You’re for ever out and about and you’ve no space for a pick-me-up in your diary? Good you’ve now got a PLANT B to hand to ensure you can attain your goal at all times with ease and with pleasure.
PLANT B at work
The world’s smallest canteen.
You’ve so much to do and simply no time for smart food? Just unscrew a bottle of PLANT B, do yourself a flavour favour and enjoy with a good conscience.
PLANT B and your day
PLANT B the perfect all-rounder.
You’ve just come from sport and you’re already headed for your next appointment? Your day’s as full as can be, but your stomach suddenly feels so empty? No problem if you just have PLANT B with you.