How awesome! Mmmh, crass! And: Wow, scrumptious!

We got on Mother Nature’s flavour nerves so long until she handed over her best ingredients. PLANT B combines oats, almonds or coconut with fulsome fruitiness and zero added sugar to produce a seductive natural drink snack that’s both organic and vegan. Milk-free, plus almond protein. Enjoy flavour by flavour, sip by sip.

Your taste buds will go absolutely coconuts! Hocus cocos and fruity-fresh pineapple. Our coconut milk is delicious and, with its high fruit content, there’s fruit aplenty for you, as well as valuable almond protein. What more could you wish for?

Here’s betting oats will score high with you? The exotic fruitiness of mango and passion fruit and the light oaty taste plus extra almond protein will take you to a whole new level of plant-based pleasure. Oat – your personal superfood!

Very, very berry – and with added almond protein here as well. Our Almond Berries drink snack tastes light and luscious, and as a source of protein it’s great for your bone and muscle growth. You’re sure to want more! Almond Berries could turn out to be the newfound love of your life.

Lots of flavour. Even more variety!

You should try everything in life at least once. And PLANT B can be tried three times at once! Simply order on Amazon, and then it’s “Eat your heart out” for all you ever drank before!

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