Blue, yellow, pink, yet green through and through!

We all know that more plant-based nutrition helps our climate. With PLANT B as a plant-based product, you get it all right: for yourself, for your pleasure and for the environment.
Without extra sugar!

For you


The best thing about PLANT B is the taste and the select ingredients. PLANT B is plant-based, organic and vegan. No admission for anything else. Zero extra sugar and absolutely no milk at all.

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100 % recyclable!

For the environment

Prudent packaging.

We are constantly working at becoming even more environmentally friendly. As it stands, the PLANT B one-way deposit bottles already consist of 50% recycled PET and are 100% recyclable. Every time you return one, you make the environment that little bit happier.

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Tasty for the climate!

For our climate

From the earth. For the Earth.

A plant-based nutrition is simply good! Tastes good and is even better for the climate! And the CO2 emissions are quick to leave the field of play. Beastly good!

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Full of goodness

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