PLANT B Egg is…

Plant B Egg is world’s first plant-based egg alternative made from lupine. A source of plant-based protein, full of nutrients. Changing our food system one egg at a time. Its better for you, the planet and our chickens….

Egg-citing right?


Better for you!

PLANT B Egg is 100% natural. Years of experience in the food industry combined with the most advanced microbiological techniques (patent pending) make it possible to market a completely natural product, without preservatives and with very minimal processing.

Plant B Egg provides proteins, but from plants. Lupin to be precise! Besides protein it provides important nutrients as fibers and zinc.

Plant B Egg carries a Nutriscore A. Its low in fat and carbohydrates. Compared to a traditional egg there’s 50% less calories and no cholesterol. There are no added sugars or gluten.

Better for our planet!

There is 99% less water used in the production of the PLANT B Egg. This results in 87% less CO2 emissions. Also, 40% less land is needed to produce the plant-based egg alternative (all these figures apply compared to a traditional chicken egg).

The lupine is the main component of PLANT B Egg. The plant has a positive influence on the soil. By producing nitrogen, the plant practically fertilizes itself, this is also called green manure good for the environment! Due to the late harvest of the lupines, insects, bees and butterflies take advantage of this valuable food source well into the autumn.


Planet Friendly

All raw materials come regionally from Germany or neighbouring Europe. The short transport routes have a positive effect on the CO2 balance.

The packaging of the PLANT B Egg is 100% recyclable.

Plant B Egg is made with attention to our planet. Also apparent from the eaternity label on the packaging. Plant B Egg has been rewarded the highest score. The Eaternity label gives you an accurate assessment of the environmental footprint of your food. More information

Better for our chicken!

PLANT B Egg is made from plants that grow in the open air. There is no chicken involved, no scratching and no battery cage.

There is no risk of salmonella. But beak trimming and chick destruction are also a thing of the past with the plant-based egg alternative.

We don’t use any animal ingredients.

We are 100% vegan and therefor there is 0% chicken cruelty.

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