We’ve come up with a super duper Egg.

Tasty and 100 % plantbased.

A true allrounder to cook, bake or scramble with… and to make our future brighter.


In Europe we eat an average 4 eggs per person per week (210 per year). On Sunday morning, but also in our recipes and meals… With all 748 million inhabitants of Europe, thats a lot of eggs!

Adding more plant-based foods to our diet helps keep our planet livable. We call this the protein transition.

With a day a week without meat, dairy products – or now eggs – you already make a difference.

What if?

Suppose we only replace 25% of our total egg consumption in the Netherlands?

Bake a cake or cookies or pancakes, or swap to plantbased eggs in your salad or stir fry, or swap your sunday morning scramble…

We can make a big impact together!


You save 87% CO₂ per egg you replace. If we replace all 25% of all our eggs, that’s already around 7,3 million tons of CO₂ per year. That corresponds to 42.900.000.000 billion kilometers driven by an average small car.

And you also use water more sparingly. You save 99% water per egg, in other words, if we replace 25% of all eggs with the whole of the Netherlands, this results in more than 3.100.000 olympic swimming pools of 2 million liters each.

Are you in?
Enjoy a delicious vegetable egg, swap it out……… and remember that every bite counts!


empowering more plantbased meals

We made you an eggless egg.

A vegan, 100% natural, cholesterol free egg made for the most part of locally sourced lupin.

A great source of plantbased protein, infused with extra fibres and zinc.

With all characteristics of a chicken egg. Browning, binding texture, it’s all there. Free from GMO and food safety issues.

This innovation helps you to make an easy step in eating more plantbased.


Innovation of 2022

By combining years of experience in the food industry – with the most innovative techniques in micro-biology – we are able to bring you an alternative source of protein. Our Plant B Egg resembles a traditional egg in every way, the structure, the mouthfeel, the binding, the browning… it’s all there.

A plantbased Egg with Egg-citing qualities!

Dream big, ooh yes!

We think that’s super egg-citing! And trust that people consume more and more consciously for their health but also with the wellfare of our planet in mind.

That is our dream:
‘Together we can all contribute to enjoy healthier foods and create a better future!’

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