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We love eggs

Yes! We love eggs!

We get why we get most of our proteine from eggs.

Eggs basically go with anything and are always a good idea to start your day with, eat for lunch, dinner, … or use in your cooking.

Thats why eggs are used in countries and cuisines all over the world.

Every year we consume an enormous amount of eggs. More than 1,4 trillion eggs yearly.

But industiralized eggs are not so friendly on our planet or ourselves, not even mentioning our dear chickens.

So what if?

What if?

we can avoid some some of the heavy toll we take on our planet, ourselves and our chickens by making eggs from plants.

We have been incubating for a few years now…..and we believe the vegetable egg has now been laid!

We did it!

We have created the world’s first, 100% natural, lupine-based egg substitute.

And it tastes great….. Egg-citingly great!

made from lupine

The base is Lupine, a very planet-friendly plant. Our specially created natural fermentation formula (patent pending) is 100% natural and makes this fresh product possible.

Innovation of 2022

By combining years of experience in the food industry – with the most innovative techniques in micro-biology – we are able to bring you an alternative source of protein.

Our Plant B Egg resembles a traditional egg in every way, the structure, the mouthfeel, the binding, the browning… it’s all there.

A plantbased Egg with Egg-citing qualities!

Dream big, ooh yes!

We think that’s super egg-citing! And trust that people consume more and more consciously for their health but also with the wellfare of our planet in mind.

That is our dream:

‘Together we can all contribute to enjoy healthier foods and create a better future!’


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