Crème Brûlée


for 4 persons

Get started

  • Preheat the oven to 150 degrees Celsius.
  • Pour the cream into a suitable pan. Cut the vanilla pod open lengthwise. Scrape out the vanilla pulp.
  • Add the vanilla marrow and the empty vanilla pod to the whipped cream.
  • Heat the whipped cream to boiling point. Remove from heat source and let stand for about 10 minutes.
  • Beat PLANT B Egg with the sugar. Add this to the hot cream with vanilla. Remove the stick from the mixture.
  • Pour the mixture into suitable Crème Brûlée containers (called ramekins).
  • Place the ramekins in a casserole dish and pour boiling water to half. Place in the oven
  • Cook the Crème Brûlée in about 75 minutes.
  • Cool in the refrigerator, do not cover.
  • Then sprinkle with a thin layer of cane sugar. Now burn it off with a gas burner.
  • Repeat this operation if necessary for an extra crispy layer.